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Welcome to Colorado RallyCross!  What is RallyCross?  Think of it as autocross gone wild.  Instead of a paved parking lot, we race on gravel or dirt under all types of conditions—dust, more dust, mud, rain, snow, ice, wind, and even darkness.  If you’re new to RallyCross, check out our website for more information about the most exciting entry-level motorsport on the planet!  If you’re a RallyCross veteran, be sure to mark this year’s events on your calendar.  We hope to see you at the next event!
Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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2012 Colorado RallyCross National Challenge
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TOPIC: 2012 Colorado RallyCross National Challenge

2012 Colorado RallyCross National Challenge 5 years, 8 months ago #1361

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After only 3 events there's already been lots of close battles throughout the 2012 season. And now it's time to move them to everyone's 2nd favorite event of the year which all SCCA members are invited to, the Colorado RallyCross National Challenge! After always being held at the USTDS, this year Colorado's challenge will be moved to CORE for a change in scenery and dust. For Further details on cost, times, rule changes and requirements please see the forum page. There's LOTS of IMPORTANT information in there, so read through it a couple of times.

We can't wait to see you all out there!

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Re: 2012 Colorado RallyCross National Challenge 5 years, 8 months ago #1362

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Price will be $90, which covers Saturday and Sunday's points events. It also covers Saturday's dinner and Sunday's lunch. It does not include Friday's practice runs or Saturday's non-points night event.

Please read through the below rule change and requirements below. You are responsible for knowing them.

SCCA National Events Committee wrote:

2012 SCCA RallyCross National Challenge
Supplemental Regulations

In addition to the 2012 SCCA RallyCross rules, the following regulations and procedures apply to the 2012 SCCA RallyCross National Challenge. Any questions not directly answered by the regulations are defaulted to the RallyCross rulebook and then the Chief Steward for interpretation.

Friday June 8, 2012
12:00 - 6:00 Registration and tech
2:00 – 5:00 Practice course open (Price to be announced)

Saturday June 9, 2012
7:00 Breakfast (available on-site)
7:30 Late registration and tech
8:00 Class inspection
8:30 Drivers' meeting Opening ceremonies
9:00 Competition begins, heats 1/2 (3-5 runs per group)
(Times below are approximate)
1:30 Lunch (available on-site)
2:30 Competition resumes, heats 3/4 (3-5 runs per group)
6:30 Competition ends
7:30 Dinner (provided on-site)
8:30-9:30 Night runs (None event points, price to be announced)

Sunday June 10, 2012
7:00 Breakfast (available on-site)
8:00 Cars in grid
8:30 Drivers' meeting
9:00 Competition begins, heats 5/6/7/8 (2 - 4 runs per group on the "big course")
(Times below are approximate)
1:00 Competition complete
1:30 Lunch provided on-site
2:00 Awards (Trophies to be given out as soon as possible for National event)

Timing and Scoring:

1. Entrants are responsible for submitting all corrections, (i.e. name, class, car number), to Timing and Scoring.

2. Car identification numbers are assigned by the SCCA on a first- come, first- served basis. The entry form provides space to indicate three (3) possible numbers of your choice. Numbers must be placed on both sides of the car. Car numbers are limited to a maximum of three (3) digits. If you have two drivers compete in the same car and in the same class each driver must submit a separate entry form and the "second" driver must choose the first driver's number, plus or minus a number (e.g. 1st driver # 98 2nd driver # 198) or #8). Requests for numbers will be given on a first come, first served basis. If there is a request for a number already given out, the next closest number or one using the same digits will be assigned. A list of competitors by class and car number will be displayed on the notice board.

3. To prevent interference with the timing and scoring equipment and personnel no team or crew will be allowed within the designated Timing and Scoring area or start and finish lines. Timing and Scoring concerns should be directed to the Operating Steward or the Chief Steward.

4. All runs will be scored. The winner is determined by the lowest cumulative time.

5. Drivers with mechanical difficulty shall have ten (10) minutes after the car is scheduled to start to present a car at the start line, drivers may take one mechanical delay per run group session. The Chief of Grid must be notified of the driver taking a “mechanical”. The Chief of Grid will notify Timing and Scoring.

6. Each vehicle will receive one slow speed parade lap per course. No parade laps will be given for minor changes or alterations. Drivers will be verbally notified of any course changes. A minimum of two course designs will be used, and each course design will be unique to the event. (For event sites that use a set course or “track”, the course must not be used for ninety (90) days previous to the event.)

7. Scores will be posted to the notice boards and updated as often as possible. Drivers will be provided with a time following the finish.

8. Timed runs will be scored electronically by an optical or mechanical switch triggered by the vehicle at the start and finish lines. In the event of a malfunction, stop watches will be used, with two watches being used for each car. Each watch will be operated by one person, and the average of the two watch times will be used.

Run Groups and Run Order: (to be adjusted as required for workers)

Group 1: Stock Front / Stock Rear / Stock All
Group 2: Prepared Front / Prepared Rear / Prepared All
Group 3: Modified Front / Modified Rear / Modified All

The run schedule for each heat will be as follows:
Group 1: Run first, work second, off third
Group 2: Off first, run second, work third
Group 3: Work first, off second, run third

1. Run groups and run schedules are subject to change. This run order may change according to the number of vehicles entering in each class. Changes will be posted at the event.

2. Run order within the classes for the first set of runs will be randomly determined by draw (at class inspection) with the first driver of two driver teams having the primary draw and the secondary driver entering the order where reasonable time is allowed for the driver swap. For the next set of runs, the run order will be reversed. For the second day of competition, the run order will be based on results from the first day, with the first place driver in each class being the first to start, followed by second place and so on. Late entries and class changes will be placed at the beginning of the order in their appropriate class.

3. Competition vehicles will stage on the grid in two (2) lines, one for single-driver vehicles and one for two-driver vehicles, in assigned run order.

4. Drivers within Group must all complete a given run before any drver in that Group can begin its next run, including two-driver vehicles. Drivers will be grouped together by class and run order within each Group.

5. Every effort will be made on behalf of the organizers to avoid course changes during a Group. If necessary, such changes will be made between classes within a group if possible, unless the required changes are deemed immediately necessary for safety reasons.


1. Ten (10) seconds for starting prior to the starter’s signal for “Go”.

2. Slowest raw time in class for same run plus ten (10) seconds for a DNF including:

a. An uncorrected deviation from the course at the discretion of the Operating Steward such as driving across the course to take a shorter path, missing more than two consecutive course features or going off course completely and returning to the finish without completing the course;
b. Vehicles unable to complete a timed run due to a mechanical problem.
c. Vehicles unable to start a timed run.

3. Two (2) seconds for each upright cone knocked down or displaced
a. Includes those after the finish, within fifty (50) feet of the finish line.
b. An upright cone knocked down or displaced by dirt/snow/gravel ejected from the vehicle’s wheels will entail a penalty.
c. No penalty for displacing “pointer” cones.
d. Cone position will be marked with a landscaping flag or outlined with box, depending on the surface. A cone will be considered displaced if it is no longer covering or touching the flag, or if it is not touching any part of the box.

4. Run order must be maintained. A delay of over thirty (30) seconds shall be considered a DNF, except as described above for a “mechanical”.

5. All penalties are subject to the Chief Steward’s review. Additional penalties may be added or assigned penalties removed at the Chief Steward’s discretion.

6. Debead (flat tire) situations will be red flagged, counted as a DNF, and no rerun given. Reruns will be granted for red flags thrown in error. If a car finishes a run on a debeaded (flat) tire without being red flagged by a course worker, no subsequent penalty will be given.

Tech and Class Inspections:

1. All competition vehicles must pass the pre-event safety/tech inspection. Vehicles are to be presented ready for competition.

2. All competitors must complete the "Class Disclosure Form" prior to safety/tech inspection and display the form on the vehicle windshield at the class inspection.

3. No vehicle will be allowed to participate without the safety/tech inspection sticker on the driver’s side windshield lower corner.

4. Each class will hold a mandatory class inspection prior to the start of the official competition where class competitors may inspect all the other vehicles in their class and question eligibility at that time. The class inspection time is posted on the event schedule. Any entrant ten (10) minutes or less late will be assessed a ten (10) second penalty on their first run. Any entrant more than ten (10) minutes late will receive get a DNF for their first run. The Chief Steward will resolve all matters of eligibility and/or preparation non-compliance. See the RXR’s section 7.3.D. Class inspection times will be posted on the official notice board. Attendance is mandatory for all drivers and vehicles.

Required Decals:

1. Car number (minimum 6” high) and class must be visible on both sides of the car.

2. All competition vehicles must display the SCCA RallyCross windshield banner on the uppermost portion of the windshield (this will be available for purchase at registration). The windshield banner may go on the back window if a required banner for contingency is on the front windshield (i.e. VW). Other placement by prior approval of the Rally Manager.

3. The SCCA RallyCross bumper sticker (also available for purchase) must be displayed on both sides of the car.

4. The safety/tech decal must be visible on the front lower corner of the windshield.

5. Additional event sponsor decals shall be placed on the vehicle where appropriate or as required by the sponsor/contingency.

Safety and Rules of the Paddock and Grid:

1. Competition vehicles should be worked on in the paddock area, although minor repairs and adjustments can be made in grid. It is recommended that all vehicles in the paddock area have a tarp placed underneath.

2. Do not pour gas, or oil, coolant or other hazardous fluids on the ground anywhere on the facility.

3. No practicing, testing or fast driving is allowed in the pits, paddock or adjacent roads, including the transit between finish and grid staging. Competitors will receive one notice of violation and will be disqualified if a second violation is witnessed.

4. A speed limit of ten (10) mph will be enforced at the event site including the paddock area and grid.

5. Children and pets are allowed on the event site. During active competition children under twelve (12) and pets are not allowed in the grid, staging or course area. Pets must be leashed at all times.

6. Refueling vehicles must be accomplished with an assistant holding a fire extinguisher outside the vehicle.

7. Photographers desiring to enter a course area must be approved by the Safety Steward, and they must be accompanied by a spotter. This spotter may not be a course worker at that location. Minors may not be photographers or spotters on course.

8. All incidents involving injury and/or property damage occurring on the event site or felt associated with the event must be reported as soon as possible to the Safety Steward, if not immediately available report to the Chief Steward or Event Chairman.

9. If someone is under a jacked vehicle, for any reason, there must be at least one jack stand in place in addition to the jack. Jacks and jack stands used on soft ground must utilize a solid base or platform to prevent sinking or shifting.

Driver’s Meetings:

1. Driver’s meetings will be held Saturday and Sunday mornings per the event schedule.

2. Changes to the Supplemental Regulations and other items of information as well as the names of all event officials will be included in the material provided at on site registration, or posted on the official notice board at Registration.

3. It is the competitor's responsibility to check at registration and/or the Official Notice Board posting area for changes to the supplemental regulations.

Entrants as Workers:

1. All competitors are required to work the event.

2. Workers shall report to the Chief of the Course before the beginning of the last run of the run group prior to their assigned work group. Failure to work will result in additional work assignments or disqualification, as decided by the Chief Steward.

3. First run workers should report as soon as possible after the group technical inspection.

4. Run work order will be posted at the event. Check the information area at the Timing Truck.


Awards will be given based on the list below. Awards will be ordered based on the entry list fourteen (14) days prior to the event. If additional awards are needed they will be mailed to the winners after the event.

1 - 3 vehicles = 1 award
4 - 6 vehicles = 2 awards
7 - 9 vehicles = 3 awards
10 - 15 vehicles = 4 awards
16 - 25 vehicles = 5 awards
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Re: 2012 Colorado RallyCross National Challenge 5 years, 8 months ago #1363

The days are messed up! (October 2011) That's what you get for copy/pasting!

Re: 2012 Colorado RallyCross National Challenge 5 years, 8 months ago #1364

  • RyOlSe
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Just making sure one of you are actually paying attention. Thank you Eric for your discrete help.

Re: 2012 Colorado RallyCross National Challenge 5 years, 8 months ago #1365

  • RyOlSe
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Carl's great cooking will also be available at CORE throughout the weekend for the non supplied lunches. Below is the current menu with pricing, he's working up something for breakfast.

CORE Menu wrote:
Plate include Chips and Soda
Cheeseburger $6.00
Hamburger $5.00
Double Cheeseburger $7.00
Double Hamburger $7.00
Hotdog $5.00
Bratwurst $6.00

Chips $1.00
Soda $1.00
Water $1.00

Cheeseburger $4.00
Hamburger $4.00
Double Cheeseburger $5.00
Double Hamburger $5.00
Hotdog $3.00
Bratwurst $4.00
Nachos $3.00
Loaded Nachos $4.00
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Re: 2012 Colorado RallyCross National Challenge 5 years, 8 months ago #1366

  • KUBO
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Camping allowed? And the night event will be Saturday night, not Friday night?
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