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Monday, 22 January 2018
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Looking Into RallyX
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TOPIC: Looking Into RallyX

Looking Into RallyX 5 years, 6 months ago #1407

Hello Everyone!
My name is Chris, I am 22, and located in Arvada. Well as the title says, I am looking at getting in to rallyx. I am relativity new into the car would as a whole, but I have been in the 4x4 Truck would for a while. I always had dreams of running Baja, but came to the conclusion that is something I probably will never do. And since I've always enjoyed watching WRC on TV, I figured I would look into doing something of the like locally, and I came across your site on Google. Unfortunately because of work obligations this year it seems that I won’t be able to interact much if any during your current season. However if things go as I hope, I will be out there racing with you in the 2013 season.

Currently my only car is an 04 5DR SVT Foci, however I am not sure I want to add any more abuse on it at the moment, as I hope to fix it up back to show room quality and enjoy it for years to come. I have been playing around with the idea of picking up a Second Gen (91-94) Hatchback Escort, or maybe even an older foci or protégé. Are these realistic cars to get into the hobby?

Also I have been debating back and forth on whether to run in the SF or PF class. As far as cost goes it seems that is almost cheaper to run in the PF just because OEM parts add up so quickly. Is there any one class that is better for me to participate in having no real RallyX experience other than the typical messing around on the back-roads.

I look forward to joining you next season, and learning about the sport from you all.
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Re: Looking Into RallyX 5 years, 6 months ago #1408

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Nice ride! Trust me, I can understand not wanting to beat up on your baby. I drove my '89 Chevy Beretta for years with the group but got tired of replacing wheel bearings and all sorts of other stuff on what was and still is my daily driver so... I just bought another Beretta to compete with!

Any of the cars you mentioned will be good to get into the sport. Hell most ANY car is a good car to throw around on the dirt. Some are just better than others. We have a few people that run escorts and a few people that run newer focuses. Both cars do well. Remember, it's not the car, it's the driver.

You are welcome to compete in either class, it's all up to you. Just because a competitor is running in the PF class doesn't necessarily mean that they are better than the SF drivers. Take me for example. I used to run my old car in PF and I loved it. Now, the new car runs in M2. I wanted to step up to the big leagues as well as make it a "true" rally car; I have ditched the interior and have done more mods that won't even allow me to run in PF any longer. But I have a few guys that are WAY better drivers than me so I have some work to do before I'm on the podium at any of our events. Plus, as you had mentioned, sometimes not only the availability of OEM parts but the cost of them can get in the way and make it easier to run in Prepared. Remember though, there is a difference between replacing an OEM part with an aftermarket part and replacing an OEM part with a upgraded or modified part. Just because a part is aftermarket doesn't make it illegal for use in the Prepared class.

Welcome! We hope to see you soon! Check out our pages on Facebook too!

Re: Looking Into RallyX 5 years, 6 months ago #1409

Welcome Chris! Your Focus looks great, I can see why you're apprehensive to race it. Like Ryan said, the most important thing is getting time behind the wheel. But since you won't be racing until next year you'll have time to plan.

Both the Escorts and Foci you listed are great choices, especially in the stock classes. If you're not dead set on using a Ford most any Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V has the advantage of a limited slip diff from the factory, and I personally am a fan of LSD. Its an expensive mod (about $1000), and automatically bumps the car to the prepared class when you change a diff in any car. That said we had a guy, Keith Lightfoot, that rocked his SVT Focus w/an LSD and did very well. I have also put an LSD in my Escort, and it changed the whole character of the car for the better.

Don't rush into things, gather all the info you can before making a decision, and make it a decision you're comfortable with. Lookin' forward to seeing you next season!

Re: Looking Into RallyX 5 years, 6 months ago #1410

Thank you for the Welcome, Compliments, and Helpful tips and hints.

I am not totally dead set on getting ford.However it would be my preference too. Im a life time ford fan for whatever reason. Its what i grew up in, and i had one for a first car, they've always taken care of me, and ive been loyal(mostly) ever since. I currently have a 68 Bronco, 70 F100, 77 F150, 79 Bronco, 91 Ranger, 00 Explorer, and the 04 SVT. I also own To yotas both are 84's one is a 4runner, and the other is an FJ60.Both of which are currently undergoing ford transplants

The main thing i am looking for is a good beginning car, that has potential and at least minor after market support. Also, cheap is good, as at the moment i only know that i enjoy messing around on the back roads, so it would suck to get to much invested to soon. I'm open to the idea of running any class, I'm just hoping to be in one, where my total inexperience wont kill my hopes and dreams. Im sensitive like that Outside of that i am a MOD addict, and will probably end up in the Modified class soon enough on my own doing.

Re: Looking Into RallyX 4 years, 5 months ago #1541

Well its been about just under a year since i decided that I wanted to get involved in RallyX. But life being the way it is, I have ended up spending the last year on the road, with little to no time for my own enjoyment. That being said, I have some funds saved up, and am looking into purchasing an XR4TI for use in the stock class to get my feet wet. Hopefully the car checks out, and doesn't need much, and I'll be able to get involved.

Re: Looking Into RallyX 4 years, 5 months ago #1542

The XR4Ti should make a fun rallycross car. In the meantime, bring your SVT Focus out for an event. No sense waiting to come out and play in the dirt if you already have a perfectly good car in the driveway!
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