Meet the Drivers: Kellen McIntyre


1995 BMW 318ti, it has been swapped with and M50b25.

Class and Car Number:

Mod2 (rwd) #187

First Year of Rallycross? 


Driving Experience?

I mainly stick with Rallycross as it is somewhat gentile on the cars, not so much the tires. I also rallied my 85 318i E30 for one race last season. A few years ago I also rallied my 2011 Tacoma in and won the stock-all class that day. I have done some open lap days at High Plains Raceway in the slower groups getting my brothers vehicle to an indicated 125 on the main straight. I have always been into automotive video games like Grand Turismo, so I am glad I can apply all those wasted hours as a child into practical driving as an adult!

What do you love about RallyCross?

I like that everyone has a go out and have fun mentality. This is apparent when you see people like Bret Hunter, and Sterling, even though I haven’t seen Sterling in some time. Everyone wants to win but certain tracks will favor certain cars.

What are your favorite modifications you’ve done to your rallycross car? 

Wheel studs! Older BMWs are relatively easy to work on but changing a tire was a pain especially on the front wheels. I was tired of the wheel bolts and my brother surprised me with a set of studs for an early Christmas present, last October.

What else do you use your rallycross car for? 

I don’t really like to use it for much as the rear diff is welded and the interior is gone. It’s loud, it whines, it chirps on dry pavement. I will use it when we get a light snow just to do some 10-15 mph permanent drifting or for the occasional beer run so I can maintain the battery and know that it will start when I need it to.

Do you work on your own car?

Yes, between my brother and I, we have been doing our own work and repairs. We are still in progress of swapping his 94 325is with an S50b30 M3 motor. It’s just been slow going with the lack of predictable weather this year. It’s also been hard to balance time with family/jobs/etc weeks in advance and then we get another cold snap.

What is your favorite rallycross memory?

My first rallycross day has to be the best. It was 5.5-6years ago. The Lawsons were still running events and it was the Megacourse by an airport. It was what got me hooked immediately.

What has rallycross taught you about driving? 

Rallycross has thought me that their will always be someone better, who can do it with less and for less. It’s funny to see that a classic mini can be as fast as some 300hp monster vehicles in a tighter course.

What tips or advice do you have for first time attendees?

GET OF YOUR PHONES AND PARTICIPATE. Pre-Covid I saw people jumping around and getting rides in other cars and that was fun to see what driving style/lines others were taking. Tires and learning weight transfer are going to be more superior for your lap times than an extra 100-200hp. After all your speed will always be limited by traction. 

What was your first car?

First car: 1998 2-Door Blazer 5speed 4×4. The only modification I did to that vehicle was cut out and then roll the front fenders so I could fit 32inch tires with out needing a lift. It was a very hacky job but I don’t regret doing it.