Event #2 – Recap

The season rushes on with our second event now in the rearview mirror. Our course was set once again at Pikes Peak International raceway, with the track’s namesake mountain beautifully shining in snow to our north.
The morning course was fast and unforgiving, keeping corner workers busy chasing after downed cones. Those who stayed cleanest quickly moved to the front of the pack through 3 long runs.
A mighty wind moved the copious dust from our sightlines, keeping our visibility high. To the chagrin of some Viper, Lotus and Ferrari owners, the dust ended up in the PPIR infield. Sorry!

2-wheel drive cars took the the dirt first, followed by the all-wheel-drive rippers. The course was smoothed and polished for the afternoon session and by the end of the day, 6 runs through the two courses decided the victors.

In stock rear, Cody Clausen was cone-y in his Volvo before retiring and leaving the door open for Lee Jones to take the victory in his tastefully executed Toyota pickup.

Brian Cather spared no cone, but not even 20 seconds of penalty could keep him off the top of the podium. In stock front, it was a tight podium indeed: Brian’s big Mini beating Jerome Bozic’s 49 hp little Mini by a scant 6 seconds, with Third Place Brett Nelson achingly close: only three tenths behind in his Jetta.

Stock All saw a very fast and clean morning session from James powers who cruised to victory ahead of a very tight 2-3 battle between Kent Wolffrum and Brendan Roy. Kent edged Brendan by less than a cone.

In prepared front, the Golfs had it out with Greg Sayer’s lightweight MK2 defeating the MK5 piloted by Meridith Campbell in second and Jon Grazer in third.

Prepared All saw two novices on the podium, but Wade Eldridge showed off in his Evo, beating the BMW of Trevor Geerdes and Christopher Abell’s Impreza in second and third.

An early retirement from the 3-driver air-cooled Beetle made for a battle of E36 BMWs in Modified Rear. Penalties abounded in the morning session, but a clean Tyler York positioned himself far ahead of his co-driver Harrison Loomis in second and Glen Outcalt in third, driving a borrowed car.

Things were tight in Modified Front in the morning, but Aaron Miller dominated the afternoon session to win in his Civic over the Focus of Jaylyn Daugherty. Jason Lang took third in his recently built and very brown Civic.

Modified All was a bloodbath with several serious contenders. In the end, cones kept Jacob Dispain off the podium and Eric Genack took the win in his bugeye STI over the Hawkeye WRX of Joe Lavelle in second and a DSM in third with Michael Miller driving the wheels off his Eagle Talon.