Event #4 – Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to race. What a fun day! Big thanks to all who made the day great! The morning started off early with course set up at 6:30, drivers meeting at 8:30, and first car out around 9:10.
The course design was a lot of fun and worked great on the smaller lot. The surface was smooth and fast! It was relatively low dust, hard packed, and held up well for how many laps we took. There were a few course changes where soft spots were found and by the end of the day the sharper corners were a little rutted. It held up better than ACF, similar to USTDS, but not as rough and not as hard on tires.
There were no washboards, just few holes and no serious rocks getting kicked up. The large sweepers held up great. No moon dust or piles of dirt pulling your wheels to the outside and sucking you in. We even heard screeching tires on the hard packed dirt! With nearly 0 timing and minimal course issues, we took 4 laps before lunch and another 6 after lunch for a total of 10 laps!
The final car ended around 4:30 and awards were presented at the bus after clean up. Overall, the new venue was awesome (slightly small perhaps) and we had no issues with the event. However… I can’t say the entire day was a success… the Bus did not make it home. Brian Cather luckily had his car in tow behind the Bus, was able to get it to a parking lot, and take his car home. But the Bus broke down… Sorry you had to deal with this Brian! If anyone is a diesel mechanic and wants to help out the bus needs some love!