Event #3 – Recap

Pikes Peak International Raceway has been a fantastic host to Colorado Rallycross! Thanks PPIR! This time we setup the course in a new area further south than we normally use. This was done to test the dirt to see if if it would hold up to our abuse without requiring much course changes. If it had, we planned on extending the July SCCA National Event course into this area. Unfortunately, with each run, we found ourselves shifting the turns to avoid ruts and gopher holes. 

With the dry conditions, we found the afternoon became a battle against each driver’s own dust. There were several corners that required a slower entry to avoid kicking up a dust cloud for the next two turns. This is what makes rallycross unique (when compared to autocross!) 

Near the end of the day, a few drivers suffered mechanical failures and were forced to hop into other cars to complete the day (another thing that is unique in rallycross). Some cars ended up with three drivers, causing chaos in the timing bus, but not not more than they could handle. After a quick audit of the results, Glen was able to release the results later that evening. Thanks Glen for all the development you are putting into our great, new timing system!