Tech Inspections

Safety is always job #1 at any SCCA event and part of keeping everyone safe is making sure the cars are safe. 

Here are the things that will be checked before you’re allowed to compete:

  • Battery hold down and positive terminal cover
    • If your + battery terminal has a chance to contact metal in your vehicle’s body, fires are possible. Make sure your battery is held down securely and the positive terminal is covered!
  • Wheel bearings and ball joints
    • Give each of your wheels a strong shake in a few directions. If you feel it’s loose or knocking, you have a problem with a component that is holding your wheel on!
    • We will perform this test at tech inspection to keep wheels on vehicles.
  • Pedal return
    • Stuck throttles are scary! Make sure yours is working smoothly.
    • We will check to make sure your pedals return after being depressed.
  • Helmets
    • SCCA rules require helmets that are certified (SCCA Requirements). They can be open or closed-faced.
    • Your melon matters to us. Loaner helmets are usually available at events, but ew.
    • Link to cheap helmets for purchase, we also recommend Wine Country Motorsports, but have no afilliation with them at this time.  
  • Convertibles
    • All convertibles must run a factory hardtop or a full roll-cage.
    • PROTIP – Your Miata’s chrome roll-hoops won’t cut it!

Safety Stewards are on site at every event and will monitor for unsafe vehicles as the event runs.

Check out this great tech inspection video with helpful information on what an actual inspection is like: