What is Rallycross?

The simplest answer is, it’s a whole lot of fun! 

Rallycross is a grassroots motorsport that allows drivers of any skill level in almost any car to test their skills and compete against other drivers. 

RallyCross is similar to the SCCA’s Solo (aka AutoCross) program except it takes places on dirt, gravel, grass, and tarmac surfaces or any combination of the above! 

Unlike stage rally events, RallyCross takes place in empty lots or fields and the course is defined by a series of cones that direct the driver where to go. 

Because the course isn’t lined with trees, rocks or drops offs the safety requirements and risk of damaging your vehicle are substantially less! This means almost any vehicle, as long as it passes a basic technical inspection, from a purpose built race car or your daily driver is eligible to race! 

Drivers compete for best overall times and are not racing wheel to wheel with other vehicles

Typically drivers will receive 5-7 timed laps during an event, all timed laps and penalties for hitting cones or going off course throughout the day are accumulatively scored.

 Check out our schedule and our beginners guide for information on what to expect and what to bring!

We look forward to seeing you at a race soon!

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