What to Expect

Before Racing Begins

We hold a novice school before the first event of the season, it’s the best way to get your feet wet in rallycross. Get comfortable with your car on dirt and meet some friends. Low-pressure, high fun-factor, and so much seat time!

When it’s time to race, show up with enough time to get your car emptied out, tires changed (if necessary) and tech inspected. You’ll also want time to check in at registration. The course will be open to walk, a great way to checkout the surface and map out your line. 

There will be a novice meeting for first-timers at each event. During that meeting, you’ll learn the basics of course navigation, working the course and go on a guided course-walk. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have here too, but never be shy to ask questions! Rallycrossers are extremely friendly.  

After the novice meeting, there will be an all-driver’s meeting where the specifics of the event will be discussed, worker assignments will be distributed and the race will begin!

Let’s Race

We’ll be split into run groups: half will race and half will work. Supporting each other on the track keeps the event moving, keeps cost low and strengthens the community!

Racing is awesome. If you’re racing first, bring your car to the grid (you know where this is because you went to the driver meeting!) and, once all the workers are in place, you’ll go on a low-speed parade lap around the course. You’ll arrive back at grid and begin the race.

The race will be held on a course delineated by orange cones. (you know what they all mean and where the course is because you went to the novice meeting!) Depending on the number of drivers and the course size, each driver will have 3-6 attempts at the course in each of two sessions. Between the sessions will be a lunch break and the course will be adjusted or reversed. EVERY RUN COUNTS. Your final position will depend on your total time, plus penalties. Have fun, and good luck!

When you’re not racing, you’ll facilitate the other drivers’ good time by working the course. Reset downed cones and call in penalties to the timing bus on a walkie-talkie. It can be dusty so dress for it! That covid mask you’re not using anymore might come in handy. Ski goggles and bandanas are not uncommon on course.

Have fun, be safe, meet rad people and come again!